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Cannabis Get Rich While You Get High

Colorado and Cannabishttp://rosemfvg.skyrock.com/3196193051-Farrah-Abraham-Goes-Public-With-New-Rumored-Boyfriend-Dj-Brian-Dawe.html style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Cannabis, now legalized in Colorado and Washington, is taking the nation by storm as entrepreneurs get rich while you get high. Crowds waited anxiously outside the first legalized recreation cannabis stores to open on January 1st. Music played to soothe the waiting smokers while snack booths were set-up to supply the crowd with inevitable munchies: donuts, funnel cakes and potato chips were available as business savvy glass blowers sold pipes and bongs. Once the store opened, crowds flooded the shop and emerged with cannabis held high as those in line cheered. Cannabis activists watch the situation play out and hope for the best. Legalized cannabis should prove to be better than the ongoing drug war, costing view website the nations millions and imprisoning thousands. The taxed drug will also provide valuable revenue for the state.
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