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Demi Lovato In Twitter Spat With Miley Cyrus? Bff Cheyne Thomas

demi lovato 1 Demi Lovato has been defending herself online this week after a pal of Miley Cyrus mocked her on Twitter. Cheyne Thomas seemed to think it was funny when the former X Factor USA judge tweeted her followers yesterday simply saying: their website You are who your friends are The message wasnt directed at anyone in particular, nor was anyone included in the tweet however it looks like Thomas somehow took offence and he retweeted Demis post, adding: So nice running into you! Demi saw the reply immediately and in tweets that have since been deleted, she responded to the jibe saying @CheyneThomas You should come by my dressing room..Sounds super fun right? Thomas tried to hold his own and ignoring the hundreds off messages directed at him from Demi fans, she hot straight back at the SkyScraper singer, posting: @ddlovato stop trying to get famous off of me. Lovato turned a little bit mean at this point (we would so love to know whats been happening behind the scenes!) and she hit out: @CheyneThomas I cant help it!! You just have SO MUCH going for you!!!! Cheyne tried to mock the young singer even more, adding: @ddlovato hahaha, dont stoop below your level Demi, youre better than this. Hahah it is funny tho :) There has been no love lost between the pair for a while now, after Thomas recently posted a video online in which he mocks Demis previous substance abuse problem and time in rehab. Cheyne and Miley were on the lineup at the Jingle Ball last night, where Demi was also performing. However Thomas implied that Lovato may have been avoiding him and tweeted: @ddlovato sorry didnt see u again tonight you must have left before we got there! Next time! The singer recently confirmed that she and Miley have drifted apart of late and while she admitted to Farrah Abraham being worried about her former friend and the path shes taking with her life and career, she revealed that she has to concentrate on her own recovery for now. Watch Cheynes recent video and leave your comments below.
Full story: http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/x-factor/demi-lovato-twitter-spat-miley-cyrus-bff-cheyne-thomas/

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