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As Kardashians Reveal Christmas Card, Kim K. Defends Parenting

"(You) sound so ignorant," Kim tweeted to one user, whose initial comments are protected . "Bc I don't tweet or instagram my every move w my daughter means I am not with her 247? We share what we want. Or is it bc I go support my fiance at every show & I post pix? When home page the baby goes down 4 bed or a nap, parents are allowed 2 work & support each other, maybe even have fun too." Of course, as Kim's fans know, the 33-year-old was featured in another high-profile photo this weekend that again doesn't show little North: the annual Kardashian family Christmas card. But, to be fair, quite a few faces are missing from this year's holiday greeting.
Full story: http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2013/12/02/as-kardashians-reveal-christmas-card-kim-k-defends-parenting/

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