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Hollywood: People Forget To Bake

Paul Hollywood with Mary Berry at the opening of the BBC Good Food Show London The Great British Bake Off judge said baking is easier and more accessible than cooking. Paul, who joined Mary Berry at the BBC Good Food Show London, said: " Cooking's always been here, baking hasn't, it's had its bits throughout the years. "The thing is baking for me is more approachable, most people have the ingredients for baking in their cupboard. It might be sitting at the back covered in weevils and probably sitting there for seven years, like some of my mum's stuff! But the fact is they have ingredients in the store cupboard. "If you want to cook something you have to go and find something, for baking you can start with the bare essentials, and usually they're in your store cupboard." Fellow Bake Off star Mary added: "And everybody enjoys what happens at the end - that gorgeous cake, a wonderful unusual bread, there are many takers." Paul and Mary were among a host of stars giving live demonstrations at the BBC Good Food Show at London's Olympia exhibition centre, which runs until November 17 2013. related stories on msn
Full story: http://tv.uk.msn.com/news/hollywood-people-forget-to-bake

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